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Summary form only given. A new optimization technique based on the projections onto convex space (POCS) framework for solving convex and some non-convex optimization problems are presented. The dimension of the minimization problem is lifted by one and sets corresponding to the cost function are defined. If the cost function is a convex function in(More)
Recognizing fonts has become an important task in document analysis, due to the increasing number of available digital documents in different fonts and emphases. A generic font-recognition system independent of language, script and content is desirable for processing various types of documents. At the same time, categorizing calligraphy styles in(More)
In this article, a multiplication-free artificial Neural Network (ANN) structure is proposed. Inner products between the input vectors and the ANN weights are implemented using a multiplication-free vector operator. Training of the new artificial neural network structure is carried out using the sign-LMS algorithm. Proposed ANN system can be used in(More)
A new deconvolution algorithm based on making orthogonal projections onto the epigraph set of a convex cost function is presented. In this algorithm, the dimension of the minimization problem is lifted by one and sets corresponding to the cost function and observations are defined. If the utilized cost function is convex in R<sup>N</sup>, the corresponding(More)
The cosine similarity measure is widely used in big data analysis to compare vectors. In this article a new set of vector similarity measures are proposed. New vector similarity measures are based on a multiplication-free operator which requires only additions and sign operations. A vector `product' using the multiplication-free operator is also defined.(More)
In many radar problems it is not necessary to compute the ambiguity function in a perfect manner. In this article a new multiplication free algorithm for approximate computation of the ambiguity function is introduced. All multiplications (a &#x00D7; b) in the ambiguity function are replaced by an operator which computes sign(a &#x00D7; b)(|a| + |b|). The(More)
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