Aliaksandr V Krukau

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This work reexamines the effect of the exchange screening parameter omega on the performance of the Heyd-Scuseria-Ernzerhof (HSE) screened hybrid functional. We show that variation of the screening parameter influences solid band gaps the most. Other properties such as molecular thermochemistry or lattice constants of solids change little with omega. We(More)
We consider a general class of hybrid density functionals with decomposition of the exchange component into short-range and long-range parts. The admixture of Hartree-Fock (HF) exchange is controlled by three parameters: short-range mixing, long-range mixing, and range separation. We study how the variation of these parameters affects the accuracy of hybrid(More)
Range-separated (screened) hybrid functionals provide a powerful strategy for incorporating nonlocal exact (Hartree-Fock-type) exchange into density functional theory. Existing implementations of range separation use a fixed system-independent screening parameter. Here, we propose a novel method that uses a position-dependent screening function. These(More)
We present local hybrid functionals that incorporate a position-dependent admixture of short-range (screened) nonlocal exact [Hartree-Fock-type (HF)] exchange. We test two limiting cases: screened local hybrids with no long-range HF exchange and long-range-corrected local hybrids with 100% long-range HF exchange. Long-range-corrected local hybrids provide(More)
Accurate calculations of large systems remain a challenge in electronic structure theory. Hybrid energy techniques are a promising family of methods for treating such systems. Expanding on previous developments, we present a QM:QM electronic embedding model whereby the high-level region is polarized by the electron density of the low-level region within an(More)
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