Aliakbar Moghadamnia

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Zinc (Zn) as a nutritional factor affects the health of the oral tissues. This study was done for the evaluation of the effects of zinc deficiency on the oral tissues of rats. The study was carried out on 14 male Wistar rats, cessation of lactation on the 24(th) day after birth. The rats were randomly divided into two groups. Zinc deficient (ZD) diet was(More)
Recurrent aphthous stomatitis (RAS) is a common, painful, and ulcerative disorder of the oral cavity with unknown etiology. Treatment is a highly controversial topic. The aim of this study was to evaluate the clinical efficacy of a novel paste containing Myrtus communis (Myrtle) in the treatment of recurrent aphthous stomatitis. Myrtle is a particular herb(More)
BACKGROUND Treatment of chronic constipation is creating one of the major problems for doctors and patients. Pyridostigmine increases the gastrointestinal motility through the effects on cholinesterase. It seems that this mechanism can reduce chronic constipation. The aim of this study was to compare the effects of pyridostigmine and bisacodyl on chronic(More)
BACKGROUND Zinc (Zn) is an essential nutrient that is required in humans and animals for the growth, development, and maintenance of healthy bones. The aim of this study is to investigate the effects of zinc-deficient nutrition on the dental, mandibular, maxillary, and cranial dimensions of rats. MATERIALS AND METHODS This experimental study was carried(More)
S-naproxen by enantioselective hydrolysis of racemic naproxen methyl ester was produced using immobilized lipase. The lipase enzyme was immobilized on chitosan beads, activated chitosan beads by glutaraldehyde, and Amberlite XAD7. In order to find an appropriate support for the hydrolysis reaction of racemic naproxen methyl ester, the conversion and(More)
Dexamethasone and tranexamic acid are used to decrease post-rhinoplasty periorbital edema and ecchymosis. We compared the impact of each medication separately or in combination in this regard. A prospective, randomized triple-blinded study was undertaken on 60 patients who underwent primary open rhinoplasty. They were divided into four groups: Group D (n =(More)
The purpose of this study is to investigate the radioprotective effect of vitamin E as a natural product. Vitamin E protects the salivary glands dysfunction that is induced by ionizing radiation. It was analysed with radioisotope scintigraphy and then salivary gland to background counts ratio was calculated. Histopathological evaluation was performed. The(More)
Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease in which more than 70% of patients experience visual disturbance as the earliest symptoms. Lysolecithin (LPC)-induced focal demyelination model has been developed to evaluate the effects of different therapies on myelin repair improvement. In this study, the effects of pregabalin administration on myelin(More)
Arbutin has antioxidative properties with potential benefits in many diseases. In this study, the cytoprotective and antioxidant effects of arbutin against t-BPH induced oxidative stress in Hep G2 cells were evaluated. HepG2 cells were cultured in 24-well plates (2.5×10 cells in 1 ml RPMI-1640 + 10% FBS+1% Pen. 5 Strep). Arbutin at different concentrations(More)
BACKGROUND Recurrent aphthous stomatitis (RAS) is the most common painful ulcers of oral mucosal which can cause many sufferings. Treatment of RAS often includes administration of corticosteroids, analgesics and regulators of the immune system. However, considering the side effects of these medications, even their topical application must be done with(More)
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