Aliakbar Dastranj

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The design and analysis of a novel printed wide-slot antenna, fed by a microstrip line, for wideband communication systems is presented. Detailed simulation and experimental investigations are conducted to understand its behavior and optimize for broadband operation. The designed antenna has a wide operating bandwidth of over 120% (2.8-11.4 GHz) for S11(More)
A cosecant squared pattern reflector antenna fed by a pyramidal double-ridged horn for 2-18 GHz is presented. Invasive weed optimization (IWO) algorithm is used for synthesizing the point source doubly curved reflector antenna. IWO method makes antenna synthesis flexible to achieve extra desired features such as low side lobe level (SLL) and low ripples in(More)
Two printed wide-slot antennas with E-shaped patches and slots, for broadband applications, are proposed. They are fed by a coplanar waveguide (CPW) and a microstrip line with almost the same performances. Detailed simulation and experimental investigations are conducted to understand their behaviors and optimize for broadband operation. Good agreement(More)
Dual-polarized antenna is widely used in communication systems such as ECM and DF systems. In this paper a novel doubleridged horn antenna with dual polarizations is introduced for frequency range of 8–18 GHz. Common double ridged horn antennas have single polarization over the operating frequency. We have used five layers polarizer to provide dual(More)
The development of a 2-66-GHz ultra-wideband 45° slantpolarized omnidirectional antenna (SPOA) is described. The antenna is radome enclosed and consists of a wideband biconical antenna that provides omnidirectional radiation patterns with vertical polarization and a multiscreen polarizer that converts vertical polarization into 45°(More)
This article describes a new miniaturized omni-directional antenna with quasi-self-complementary structure for wireless communication applications. A novel ground structure composed of five rectangular plates is proposed to enhance the impedance bandwidth and reduce the antenna size. The proposed antenna is comprised of two patches surrounded by the ground(More)
A capacitance sensor with high sensitivity was applied to oil–gas two-phase measurement based on a modeling and experimental studies. A model of the electric behavior of the material system between electrodes, comprising fluids and pipe, was developed to choose the optimum working frequency using two types of electrode configurations: double ring and(More)
A low-profile planar monolayer antenna for ultra-wideband (UWB) operation is presented. To achieve a UWB performance along with a compact size, a hybrid square-circular radiator and a rectangular open slotted ground plane with two symmetrical I-shaped tuning stubs are proposed. The antenna is fed by a coplanar waveguide line and has a small size of 44× 32×(More)
In this paper, a twin rectangular fork-like capacitance (TRFLC) sensor to recognize the flow regime of gas-oil two-phase flow in a horizontal pipe is proposed. Two phase flow experiment is carried out in a 26.6-mm ID horizontal pipe to determine the response of TRFLC sensor on different flow regimes. Both measuring and exciting electrodes consist of a base(More)
This article presents a general approach to design and optimize printed ultrawideband (UWB) antennas by using invasive weed optimization (IWO), a well-known global optimization algorithm. To achieve the required radiation parameters over a wide bandwidth, a frequencyrelated cost function with optimal weighting coefficients is suggested. Two prototypes of(More)
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