Aliakbar Alamdari

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wheel axle and chassis while (ii) reducing the overall actuation requirements by spring assist. In the current work, we examine the possibility of enhancing this terrain-accommodation by: (i) proposing an " adjustable four-bar " articulated-leg-wheel subsystem; (ii) with active-structural control to actively change subsystem parameters during the terrain(More)
— This paper focuses on various control strategies for a modular cable-articulated parallel robotic manipulator called PACER (Parallel Articulated-Cable Exercise Robot). The proposed robotic device is comprised of multiple cables and a single antagonistically actuated prismatic joint which connects a six degrees-of-freedom moving platform to a fixed base.(More)
— In this paper, we generalize our random matrix based (RM-based) uncertainty model for manipulator Jacobian matrix to the dynamic model of the robotic systems. Conventional random variable based (RV-based) schemes require a detailed knowledge of the system parameters variation and may be not able to fully characterize the uncertainties of the complex(More)
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