Alia Fourati

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The strongest feature of ad hoc networks is its capability to be rapidly deployed anywhere and anytime without relying on a pre-existing infrastructure. From there, ad hoc networks offer the advantages to be auto-organized, ubiquitous, dynamic and completely autonomous. As a counter part, securing them becomes a more difficult task, especially because of(More)
In this paper we propose an approach, combining the SET protocol with the TLS/WTLS protocols in order to enforce the security services over the WAP 1.X for the payment in the m-commerce. We propose to implement the additional services of the SET protocol as the confidentiality of the payment information between the buyer and the payment gateway and the data(More)
The emergence of new mobile and wireless networks, with novel capabilities, offers opportunities to widen traditional internet-based applications. In this paper, we focus on a famous and widely used e-commerce application: auctions, and propose their deployment over ad hoc networks. Actually, we specify here this auction model while assuring identified(More)
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