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  • Ali, Turner
  • Journal of stored products research
  • 2001
Variability in allozyme patterns is demonstrated among 111 British populations of Liposcelis bostrychophila (Badonnel), an obligatory parthenogenetic liposcelid species that is a common domestic pest in the United Kingdom. In addition four tropical strains and a laboratory culture were included in the analysis. Permethrin toxicity was measured in a subset(More)
Smart antennas possess the capability of suppressing jamming signal, so they can improve signal to interference plus noise ratio (SINR). Array processing utilizes information regarding locations of signal to aid in interference suppression and signal enhancement and is considered promising technology for anti-jamming. In this paper we studied three(More)
The literature on culture provides a set of general concepts and ideas as a way of looking at the world (Hofstede 1980). However, the typologies of culture have inherent weaknesses, e.g., they do not reflect the variety of values and attitude that may exist in a country, nor do they explain how cultures have developed over time (Skok and Doringer 2001).(More)
Aghaei Afshar Abbas, Vatandoost Hassan, Sharifi Iraj, Rassi Yavar*, Abai Mohammad Reza, Oshaghi Mohammad Ali, Yaghoobi-Ershadi Mohammad Reza, Rafizadeh Sina Leishmaniasis Research Center, Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Kerman, Iran Department of Medical Entomology & Vector Control, School of Public Health, Tehran University of Medical(More)
The recently developed paradigm of cognitive radio wireless devices has been developed with the goal of achieving more customizable and efficient spectrum utilization of commonly used wireless frequency bands. The primary focus of such spectrum utilization approaches has been to discern occupancies and vacancies over portions of the wireless spectrum(More)
Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET) is a dynamic, multi-hop and autonomous network composed of light wireless mobile nodes. Multicast has great importance in MANET due to their inherent broadcast capability. However, due to the dynamic topology of MANETs to build optimal multicast trees and maintaining group membership a lot many control messages required. These(More)
OBJECTIVE There are concerns that the left colon may be incompletely examined by the standard 60-cm flexible sigmoidoscope. Our objective was to compare the endoscopist's assessment of the length of colon seen with the actual length visualized. PATIENTS AND METHODS During flexible sigmoidoscopy, endoscopists were asked to state how far they had reached.(More)
Anecdotal evidence suggests that twins may dispute ownership of autobiographical experiences. We investigated the frequency and characteristics of such disputed memories in comparison to memories with undisputed ownership. In the present study, monozygotic twins (MZ), dizygotic twins (DZ), and siblings were asked to remember disputed and non-disputed(More)
  • Abd-Elazim, Ali
  • 2013
Social foraging behaviour of Escherichia coli bacteria has recently been explored to develop a novel algorithm for optimization and control. One of the major driving forces of Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm (BFOA) is the chemotactic movement of a virtual bacterium that models a trial solution of the optimization problem. However, during the(More)
Problem statement: Arabic character recognition has been one of the last major languages to receive attention. This may be attributed to the inherent complexity of both printed and handwritten Arabic characters. The objectives of this study were to: (i) summarize the main characteristics of Arabic language writing style. (ii) suggest a neural network(More)