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The expression of a cell surface antigen recognized by the epithelium-specific, tumor-associated monoclonal antibody (Moab) AUA1 has been studied in 22 cases of normal urothelium, 7 cases of dysplastic urothelium and 86 cases of transitional cell carcinoma. Tissue specimens were stained with the conventional hematoxylin-eosin technique as well as with the(More)
OBJECTIVE KIT functions as the receptor for stem cell factor (SCF) and this interaction is essential for regulation of proliferation and survival, particularly for germ cells since it regulates oogenesis, folliculogenesis and spermatogenesis. Up-regulation of KIT signalling has been associated with oncogenic transformation in cells expressing the molecule.(More)
Oesophageal intramural pseudodiverticulosis is a very rare cause of dysphasia. This work reports the observation of a 42 year-man who presented with dysphasia; Diagnosis was established by baryum meal. The patient underwent an oesophagectomy because of failure of endoscopic dilatation. Pathologic examination revealed characteristic lesions of esophageal(More)
The monoclonal antibody AUA1, labelled with 2 or 3 mCi iodine-131, was administered intravesically to 11 patients with known or suspected bladder carcinoma and was kept in the bladder for 1 h. All patients underwent immunoscintigraphy of the bladder at 2 h and three patients also at 20 h after instillation. Conventional histological and immunohistochemical(More)
Le trichobézoard, pathologie rare, est défini par la présence d’un corps étranger gastrique formé par des cheveux ou des fibres textiles. Il survient habituellement chez des adolescents présentant des troubles psychiques. La Symptomatologie est variée, le diagnostic, souvent suspecté par la radiologie est endoscopique et le traitement a souvent recours à la(More)
BACKGROUND Various prognostic factors have been investigated in order to predict the minority of male germ cell tumor (GCT) patients who will develop resistant disease. However, no prognostic system has been proven accurate. MATERIALS AND METHODS Paraffin-embedded tissue specimens, obtained from primary lesions during the initial diagnosis of 83 advanced(More)
INTRODUCTION Gallbladder volvulus remains a relatively rare disorder. OBSERVATION We report two cases, both in men older than 80 years and both diagnosed during surgery. Both patients presented signs of peritonitis (one generalized and the other localized) and severe sepsis. DISCUSSION We review the literature about gallbladder volvulus to analyze its(More)
Gonadoblastoma is a rare tumor arising usually in a dysgenetic gonad. The commonest karyotypes seen in patients with this neoplasm are 46XY and 46XY/45XO mosaicism. The occurrence of gonadoblastoma in pregnant or normal (46XX karyotype) women is extremely rare. A case of gonadoblastoma in a pregnant eukaryotic (46XX) woman is reported.