Ali Zia

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In this paper we present a novel image representation method which treats images as frequency histograms of salient features. The histograms are computed making use of linear discriminant analysis (LDA). The method employs saliency feature extraction and image binarisation. Then subspace-projected features are extracted. Using the saliency maps as the(More)
—This paper addresses the problem of moving obstacle detection for autonomous mobile robots in unknown urban environments through the fusion of (vehicle-mounted) forward looking laser and vision sensors. In this approach we reparameterize the 2D gaussian distribution of the laser free-configuration eigenspaces by vision saliency gaussian kernel function.(More)
—This paper addresses the problem of avoiding dynamic obstacles while following the learned trajectory through non-point based maps directly through laser data. The geometric representation of free configuration area changes while a moving obstacle enters into the safety region of autonomous mobile robot. We have applied the Bézier curve properties to the(More)
Description For purposes of content-based image retrieval, a number of methods have been proposed so as to achieve robust and efficient systems. These methods often represent images as a bag of features. A query image is then matched with images in the database by computing the distances between images. As a result, in general, object and image retrieval(More)
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