Ali Zeki

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This paper introduces a high-speed high resolution CMOS current comparator which is used in an algorithmic Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) and implemented with a 0.6 µm standard CMOS process. Circuit occupies 170 x 80µm2. Proposed circuit performs comparison over a precision of 10-bit at a 100MHz clock within the 0-250 µA input current range. Power(More)
– In this work, an integrated random number generator based on oscillator sampling method is presented. The random number generator exploits a continuous-time chaotic circuit as the entropy source. A source-coupled multivibrator is used to transform the generated chaotic signal into jittered oscillations required in the oscillator sampling method. The(More)
New CMOS realization of high performance differential current conveyor (DCCII) is presented. Presented high performance differential current conveyor is a useful analog building block with the advantage of wide bandwidth. It can be directly used with MOS transistors operating in the ohmic region to implement some essential analog functions. As the(More)
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