Ali Zeinal Hamadani

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The classification problem of assigning several observations into different disjoint groups plays an important role in business decision making and many other areas. Developing more accurate and widely applicable classification models has significant implications in these areas. It is the reason that despite of the numerous classification models available,(More)
Traditionally in redundancy allocation problem (RAP), it is assumed that the redundant components are used based on a predefined active or standby strategies. Recently, some studies consider the situation that both active and standby strategies can be used in a specific system. However, these researches assume that the redundancy strategy for each subsystem(More)
Development of classification methods using case-based reasoning systems is an active area of research. In this paper, two new case-based reasoning systems with two similarity measures that support mixed categorical and numerical data as well as only categorical data are proposed. The principal difference between these two measures lies in the calculations(More)
Univariate capability indices have been investigated extensively with or without considering the measurement errors, but for multivariate case, the study of process capability in the presence of measurement errors for quality characteristics are comparatively neglected. Since the correctness of data relies very much on the gauge measurement accuracy,(More)
This paper presents the location-allocation problem of parking facilities in Mobarakeh Steel Company. The aim is to find the optimal location for the parking facilities and allocate travels between departments to each parking facility. To optimize the cost and facing the transportation demands of all departments, a mathematical model is designed and solved(More)
Inappropriate management in some fields such as credit allocation has imposed too many losses to financial institutions and even has forced some of them to go bankrupt. Moreover, large volume data sets collected by credit departments has necessitated utilizing highly accurate models with less complexities. Credit scoring models with classification and(More)