Ali Zarezade

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Visual tracking has attracted a significant attention in the last few decades. The recent surge in the number of publications on tracking-related problems have made it almost impossible to follow the developments in the field. One of the reasons is that there is a lack of commonly accepted annotated data-sets and standardized evaluation protocols that would(More)
This paper presents a robust tracking approach to handle challenges such as occlusion and appearance change. Here, the target is partitioned into a number of patches. Then, the appearance of each patch is modeled using a dictionary composed of corresponding target patches in previous frames. In each frame, the target is found among a set of candidates(More)
In real world social networks, there are multiple diffusion processes which are rarely independent. They usually interact with each other in a competitive or cooperative manner. In this paper, motivated by the reinforcement theory in sociology , we model the adoption behavior of users in social networks by a multivariate marked Hawkes process. According to(More)
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