Ali Zakerolhosseini

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We propose QTRU, a probabilistic and multi-dimensional public key cryptosystem based on the NTRU public key cryptosystem using quaternion algebra. QTRU encrypts four data vectors in each encryption session and the only other major difference between NTRU and QTRU is that the underlying algebraic structure has been changed to a non-commutative algebraic(More)
The FPGA (re)configuration is a time-consuming process and a bottleneck in FPGA-based Run-Time Reconfigurable (RTR) systems. In this paper, we present a High Level Synthesis (HLS) method, based on the data path merging technique to amortize the hardware configuration time in RTR systems. It merges the Data Flow Graphs (DFGs) of two or more computational(More)
This paper represents a modified datapath merging technique to am-ortize the configuration latency of mapping datapaths on reconfigurable fabric in Run-Time Reconfigurable Systems (RTR). This method embeds together the different Data Flow Graphs (DFGs), corresponding to the loop kernels to create a single datapath (merged datapath) instead of multiple(More)
High latencies in FPGA reconfiguration are known as a major overhead in run-time reconfigurable systems. This overhead can be reduced by merging multiple data flow graphs representing different kernels of the original program into a single (merged) datapath that will be configured less often compared to the separate datapaths scenario. However, the(More)
In this paper, we show that the fundamental concepts behind the Ntr¯ u cryptosystem can be extended to a broader algebra than Dedekind domains. Also, we present an abstract and generalized algorithm for constructing a Ntr¯ u-like cryptosystem such that the underlying algebra can be non-commutative or even non-associative. To prove the main claim, we show(More)