Ali Zakeri

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This note considers the problem of estimating unknown time-varying strength of the temporal-dependent heat source, from measurements of the temperature inside the square domain, when the prior knowledge of the source functions is not available. This problem is an inverse heat conduction problem. In this process, the direct problem will be solved by using(More)
We consider a Cauchy problem of unidimensional nonlinear diffusion equation on finite interval. This problem is ill-posed and its approximate solution is unstable. We apply the He’s homotopy perturbation method HPM and obtain the third-order asymptotic expansion. We show that if the conductivity term in diffusion equation has a specified condition, the(More)
This paper considers a linear one dimensional inverse heat conduction problem with non constant thermal diffusivity and two unknown terms in a heated bar with unit length. By using the WKB method, the heat flux at the end of boundary and initial temperature will be approximated, numerically. By choosing a suitable parameter in WKB method the ill-posedness(More)
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