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A Note on a Three-Stage Sequential Confidence Interval for the Mean When the Underlying Distribution Departs Away from Normality
This paper discusses the sensitivity of the normal-based three-stage Hall (Ann. Stat. 9(6):1229–1238, 1981) sequential sampling procedure for estimating the population means to departure fromExpand
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Occurrence of Three Strains of Cucumber mosaic virus Affecting Tomato in Kuwait
Three strains of Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) have been found to cause a lethal disease, referred to as fern leaf syndromes and mild mosaic symptoms in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) cropsExpand
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Influence of frequency, temperature and composition on electrical properties of polycrystalline Co0.5CdxFe2.5−xO4 ferrites
Abstract Polycrystalline ferrites with general formula Co 0.5 Cd x Fe 2.5− x O 4 (0.0⩽ x ⩽0.5) were prepared by sol–gel method. The dielectric properties e ′, e ″, loss tangent tan  δ and acExpand
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Structure and electrical properties of Co0.5CdxFe2.5−xO4 ferrites
Abstract We have studied the Cd ion doping effects in cobalt ferrite using X-ray diffraction (XRD), dielectric and impendence spectroscopy at room temperature. X-ray diffraction analysis indicatesExpand
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Influence of the doping of Ti4+ ions on electrical and magnetic properties of Mn1+xFe2−2xTixO4 ferrite
Abstract ac conductivity and magnetic behaviour have been studied for a series of polycrystalline ferrite with general formula Mn 1− x Fe 2−2 x Ti x O 4 , (0 ≤  x  ≤ 0.5), prepared using aExpand
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A mathematical model of the evolution and spread of pathogenic coronaviruses from natural host to human host
Abstract Coronaviruses are highly transmissible and are pathogenic viruses of the 21st century worldwide. In general, these viruses are originated in bats or rodents. At the same time, theExpand
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The adjusted empirical Lorenz curve using a cubic spline interpolation formula
A Cubic spline interpolation formula is proposed to estimate the quantile function found in the functional form of the Adjusted Lorenz curve proposed by Al-Hussainan (2000) to estimate itsExpand
Bifurcation and Stability Analysis of a System of Fractional-Order Differential Equations for a Plant–Herbivore Model with Allee Effect
This article concerns establishing a system of fractional-order differential equations (FDEs) to model a plant–herbivore interaction. Firstly, we show that the model has non-negative solutions, andExpand
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