Ali Vahidian Kamyad

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Occasionally, surgeons do need various types of information to be available rapidly, efficiently and safely during surgical procedures. Meanwhile, they need to free up hands throughout the surgery to necessarily access the mouse to control any application in the sterility mode. In addition, they are required to record audio as well as video files, and enter(More)
Although we usually would like to work with exact systems, most of the real world systems are nonlinear with uncertain parameters. In this paper, we propose AVK (A.V. Kamyad) approach to solve nonlinear problems with uncertain parameters (NPUP). This approach substitutes the original nonlinear system with an equivalent nonlinear programming (NLP) problem.(More)
Cardiac events could be taken into account as the leading causes of death throughout the globe. Such events also trigger an undesirable increase in what treatment procedures cost. Despite the giant leaps in technological development in heart surgery, coronary surgery still carries the high risk of the mortality. Besides, there is still a long way ahead to(More)
This paper presents a new approach to solve a class of nonlinear optimal control problems which have a quadratic performance index. In this approach, the nonlinear two-point boundary value problem (TPBVP), derived from the Pontryagin’s maximum principle, is transformed into a sequence of linear time-invariant TPBVP’s. Solving the proposed linear TPBVP(More)
In this paper, we find the approximate solution of a second order nonlinear partial differential equation on a simple connected region in R2. We transfer this problem to a new problem of second order nonlinear partial differential equation on a rectangle. Then, we transformed the later one to an equivalent optimization problem. Then we consider the(More)
To solving nonlinear control problems and especially nonlinear optimal control problems (NOCP), classical methods are not usually efficient. In this paper we introduce a new approach for solving this class of problems by using Nonlinear Programming Problem (NLPP). First, we transfer the original problem to a new problem in form of calculus of variations.(More)
Various aspects of the interaction of HIV with the human immune system can be modeled by a system of ordinary differential equations. This model is utilized, and a multiobjective optimal control problem MOOCP is proposed to maximize the CD4 T cells population and minimize both the viral load and drug costs. The weighted sum method is used, and continuous(More)
In this paper, we are going to consider a nonlinear optimal control problem (NOC). First we change the (NOC) problem to an optimal differential inclusion problem (ODI), then by defining new control variables, (ODI) problem is converted to an optimal control problem where it is linear in term of control variable and we determine the approximation of this(More)
In this paper we present a new method for designing a nozzle. In fact the problem is to find the optimal domain for the solution of a linear or nonlinear boundary value PDE, where the boundary condition is defined over an unspecified domain. By an embedding process, the problem is first transformed to a new shape-measure problem, and then this new problem(More)