Ali T. Abdallah

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Target enrichment strategies are a very common approach to sequence a predefined part of an individual's genome using second-generation sequencing technologies. While highly dependent on the technology and the target sequences selected, the performance of the various assays is also variable between samples and is influenced by the way how the libraries are(More)
Although the pattern of lateral organ formation from apical meristems establishes species-specific plant architecture, the positional information that confers cell fate to cells as they transit to the meristem flanks where they differentiate, remains largely unknown. We have combined fluorescence-activated cell sorting and RNA-seq to characterise the(More)
Somatic copy number (CN) alterations are major drivers of tumorigenesis and growth. Although next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies enable a deep genomic analysis of cancers, the analysis of the data remains subject to biases and multiple sources of error, including varying local read coverage. The currently existing algorithms for NGS-based(More)
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