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The runtime creation of pedagogically coherent learning content for an individual learner's learning preferences is a considerable challenge. By selecting and combining appropriate learning assets into a new learning object a learner's needs and preferences may be accounted for. There are a number key aspects that need to be addressed in order to perform(More)
This article describes a learner modeling strategy that is employed by an adaptive learning system in order to provide each learner with a personalized e-Learning experience. Parameters related to the learners' prior knowledge, goal and learning style constitute the basis of the personalization and the adaptivity of the mentioned learning system. The(More)
The authors present 344 (230 females, 114 males) surgical cases of intracranial meningioma. A total of 370 interventions (344 primary procedures, 10 reexplorations for neurologic deterioration, 16 operations for recurrence) were made. Mean follow-up was 38 months. The overall evaluation revealed that 306 (88.95%) patients were completely normal or in a(More)
The benefits of Open Learner Model for learners have been widely demonstrated: supporting learning and metacognition, facilitating self-monitoring and planning, improving self-assessment skills… In this paper, we investigate the benefits of using an OLM for teachers. We present Hızlıgo, a speed reading application and the LEA's Box OLM, a competency-based(More)
Medulloblastoma metastasising extraxially is a rare entity. The mechanisms that cause such spread are not fully understood. We present a patient who developed a low thoracic metastasis three years after surgical removal of a posterior fossa medulloblastoma. A spinal metastasis penetrated the dura, thus becoming extradural and from this tumour a completely(More)