Ali Souissi

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The constant γ in the strengthened Cauchy–Bunyakowski–Schwarz (C.B.S.) inequality plays a crucial role in the convergence rate of multilevel iterative methods as well as in the efficiency of a posteriori error estimators, that is the framework of finite element approximations of systems of partial differential equations. We consider an approximation of(More)
Abstract— The development of search engine for similar images stays yet a scientific challenge. Since every image is represented by one or more vectors, the research stage becomes very hard. To raise these difficulties, we suggest inserting a search engine based on multiple representations of images where every image will be represented by three vectors(More)
A new technique for the implementation of cell-centered finite volume schemes is proposed. It is based on an equivalence between these schemes and the non-conforming Crouzeix-Raviart finite element approximation. Though the implementation somewhat increases the number of unknowns, it brings two significant advantages that make it attractive. On the one hand(More)