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Since we are not able to replace the battery in a wireless sensor networks (WSNs), the issues of energy and lifetime are the most important parameters. In asymmetrical networks, different sensors with various abilities are used. Super nodes, with higher power and wider range of communication in comparison with common sensors, are used to cause connectivity(More)
Multiple Travelling Salesman Problem (mTSP) is one of the most popular and widely used combinatorial optimization problems in the operational research. Many complex problems can be modeled and solved by the mTSP. To solve the mTSP, deterministic algorithms cannot be used as the mTSP is an NP-hard optimization problem. Hence, heuristics approaches are(More)
Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) is a famous and classic operation for combination of optimization problems which is very used. Many complex issues can be modeled as traveling salesman problems. Since TSP is a NP-complete problem, certain algorithms cannot be used for solving it. Hence heuristic methods are common to resolve these issues. This paper(More)
In wireless sensor network, due to impossibility of replacing battery, the problem of energy and network lifetime is one of the important parameters. In asymmetric sensor networks, due to limited range of normal sensors it is not possible to communicate directly with central station by these sensors. In noted network, manager nodes are used which have more(More)
This paper presents a novel chaotic communication method using an Unscented Kalman Filter (UKF). Applying UKF, the method proposes the estimation of the state variables of the chaotic dynamical system and synchronization. The proposed method is then applied to new private secure communication. The chaotic synchronization is implemented by the UKF in the(More)
—Using clustering methods in sensor networks improves their efficiency and management. Moreover, it brings with it the main parameter in sensor networks i.e. decrease in energy consumption. To transfer data to a sink in a network having many nodes, multi-hop methods have to be used. Also in many of the cases, there is a mobile sink (or user) in a network(More)
In this paper we numerically investigate the chaotic behaviours of the fractional-order Lorenz system and its synchronization. For the first time, a fractional chaotic synchronization using an Unscented Kalman Filter (UKF) is presented. The chaotic synchronization is implemented by the UKF design in the presence of process noise and measurement noise. To(More)
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