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We present a micromachined cantilever with an integrated high-bandwidth resonator for direct measurement of tip-sample interaction forces in tapping-mode atomic force microscopy. Force measurements are achieved by a diffraction grating that serves as a differential displacement sensor for the tip motion relative to the cantilever body. Time-resolved(More)
Singulation of MEMS is a critical step in the transition from wafer-level to die-level devices. As is the case for capacitive micromachined ultrasound transducer (CMUT) ring arrays, an ideal singulation must protect the fragile membranes from the processing environment while maintaining a ring array geometry. The singulation process presented in this paper(More)
Numerous biophysical and biochemical assays rely on spatial manipulation of particles/cells as they are processed on lab-on-a-chip devices. Analysis of spatially distributed particles on these devices typically requires microscopy negating the cost and size advantages of microfluidic assays. In this paper, we introduce a scalable electronic sensor(More)
The LinkedTV Platform was developed in the EU FP7 project LinkedTV 1 with the objective of supporting semi-automatically linking TV content with additional information and content. The realized approach can be used for many different applications and purposes, in which the LinkedTV Platform serves as the backbone connecting and managing the different(More)
Microfluidic processing of biological samples typically involves differential manipulations of suspended particles under various force fields in order to spatially fractionate the sample based on a biological property of interest. For the resultant spatial distribution to be used as the assay readout, microfluidic devices are often subjected to microscopic(More)
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