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Adult Lepidoptera are capable of associative learning. This helps them to forage flowers or to find suitable oviposition sites. Larval learning has never been seriously considered because they have limited foraging capabilities and usually depend on adults as concerns their food choices. We tested if Spodoptera littoralis larvae can learn to associate an(More)
Six years after apparent complete recovery from intestinal Whipple's disease, a 56 year old man developed insidious progressive somnolence and gait ataxia. Studies showed hydrocephalus with obstruction of the aqueduct and CSF leukocytosis and elevated protein. Arachnoid biopsy during craniotomy revealed chronic inflammatory infiltration with PAS-positive(More)
That migraine can present with a severe headache of sudden onset mimicking that of subarachnoid hemorrhage--the so-called "complicated migraine with meningeal manifestations" of Pearce and Foster--is not readily appreciated. Over the past three years, seven patients have been referred to us with a presumable diagnosis of subarachmoid hemorrage. In each one(More)
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