Ali Sadough Vanini

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The problem of tracking the position and attitude of an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) in the horizontal plane, under the presence of ocean current disturbances is discussed. The effect of the gradual variation of the parameters is taken into account, saturation of rudders is examined, and a condition under which saturation will not occur is derived by(More)
In this study, the procedure of sintering and heat treatment of Al 2 O 3-SiC-MgO nanoceramic was considered. For improving the densification behavior and mechanical properties, experimental variables, such as sintering temperature and duration, which significantly influence the fracture performance of this nanocomposite body, were optimized. To obtain(More)
Lightweight laminated composites containing a ceramic front layer and a metallic backing layer were used in order to protect people, moving equipment and mobile vehicles from high velocity impact and the increased mobility of mobile vehicles. In this study, by adding 10 vol% SiC and 500 ppm MgO nanoscale particles on the microstructure of Al2O3 matrix and(More)
Improving fracture performance and sintering procedure of alumina/silicon carbide nano ceramic is considered. To do this, some experimental variables such as sintering conditions and silicon carbide volume fraction were optimized. In this study, several tests were conducted on the nano ceramic samples which prepared in different conditions to achieve the(More)
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