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A novel population-based algorithm based on the mine bomb explosion concept, called the mine blast algorithm (MBA), is applied to the constrained optimization and engineering design problems. A comprehensive comparative study has been carried out to show the performance of the MBA over other recognized optimizers in terms of computational effort (measured(More)
Over the last decades, various algorithms have been developed to solve a variety of constrained engineering optimization problems. Most of such algorithms are based on numerical linear and nonlinear programming methods that may require substantial gradient information and usually seek to improve the solution in the neighborhood of a starting point. These(More)
This paper presents a modified version of the water cycle algorithm (WCA). The fundamental concepts and ideas which underlie the WCA are inspired based on the observation of water cycle process and how rivers and streams flow to the sea. New concept of evaporation rate for different rivers and streams is defined so called evaporation rate based WCA(More)
Despite dental implantation being a great success, one of the key issues facing it is a mismatch of mechanical properties between engineered and native biomaterials, which makes osseointegration and bone remodeling problematical. Functionally graded material (FGM) has been proposed as a potential upgrade to some conventional implant materials such as(More)
Since the fiber diameter determines the mechanical, electrical, and optical properties of electrospun nanofiber mats, the effect of material and process parameters on electrospun polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) fiber diameter were studied. Accordingly, the prediction and optimization of input factors were performed using the response surface methodology(More)