Ali Sadeghi

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Moving in an unstructured environment such as soil requires approaches that are constrained by the physics of this complex medium and can ensure energy efficiency and minimize friction while exploring and searching. Among living organisms, plants are the most efficient at soil exploration, and their roots show remarkable abilities that can be exploited in(More)
As the complexity of current data flow systems and according infrastructure networks increases, the security of data transition through such platforms becomes more important. Thus, different areas of steganography turn to one of the most challengeable topics of current researches. In this paper a novel method is presented to hide an image into the host(More)
The structure of metallic glasses is a long-standing question because the lack of long-range order makes diffraction based techniques difficult to be applied. Here, we used scanning tunneling microscopy with large tunneling resistance of 6 GΩ at low temperature in order to minimize forces between probe and sample and reduce thermal fluctuations of(More)
BACKGROUND Heparinized saline solution is used to prevent occlusion in the arterial catheters and central venous pressure monitoring catheters. Even at low dose, heparin administration can be associated with serious complications. Normal saline solution can maintain patency of arterial catheters and central venous pressure monitoring catheters. OBJECTIVES(More)
An emerging challenge in soft robotics research is to reveal mechanical solicitations in a soft body. Nature provides amazing clues to develop unconventional components that are capable of compliant interactions with the environment and living beings, avoiding mechanical and algorithmic complexity of robotic design. We inspire from plant-root(More)
Hypochondriasis is a persistent preoccupation that despite appropriate medical evaluations and assurance of patient's physical health, the patient insists on having a serious disease. The case which is discussed in this article is a 39-years-old woman that hospitalized for half of her life and no one can perceive her disorder according to her assertions.(More)
BACKGROUND Syncope is a well-known risk factor for adverse cardiovascular event in patients with coronary artery disease, especially those with previous myocardial infarction (MI) or left ventricular dysfunction. The aim of this study was to assess electrophysiologic findings and results of head-up tilt test (HUTT) in patients with syncope and without(More)
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