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Our aim was to compare autogenous nasal septal cartilage and conchal cartilage as grafts for reconstruction of orbital blowout fractures. Twenty-two patients with blowout fractures were randomly assigned to two groups for treatment with a graft of nasal septal cartilage or conchal cartilage. Patients were evaluated for the presence of enophthalmos,(More)
BACKGROUND At the present time, only visual analysis is implemented on dacryoscintigraphic images and quantitative assessments are not routinely obtained. The authors have designed a novel, simple, quantitative method for the diagnosis of sac and post-sac obstructions based on the dacryoscintigraphic images. METHOD Fifty-nine patients with severe(More)
We thank Dr Çalışkan and his co-workers for their beneficial comments.1 Distribution of all retrobulbar blood flow variables was normal except in superior ophthalmic vein (SOV) maximal blood, which had a P value of 0.041 in the Kolmogorov− Smirnov test. However, using Mann−Whitney U-test did not change the result (P= 0.008). Although the equality of(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to evaluate movement disorder patterns and extraocular muscle involvement in Iranian Graves' Ophthalmopathy (GO) patients. METHODS We examined 75 patients (37 women and 38 men) with GO. Female to male ratio was 0.97 among all patients and 0.72 among restrictive myopathic cases (male 18(58.1%), female 13 (41.9%), P=0.2).(More)
PurposeTo evaluate the effect of smoking on retrobulbar blood flow parameters by color Doppler imaging in patients with thyroid eye disease.Patients and methodsIn this observational case series, blood flow parameters in the ophthalmic artery, superior ophthalmic vein, central retinal artery, and vein were determined by color Doppler imaging in patients with(More)
Purpose: We report an unusual case of trabecular carcinoid of the ovary with orbital involvement. Methods: We encountered a 49-year-old woman with a complaint of bilateral proptosis. Ocular examination revealed severe bilateral proptosis and signs of corneal exposure. Orbital CT scan showed massive enlargement of extraocular muscles and optic nerve(More)
PURPOSE The disability-adjusted life-years (DALYs) lost due to eye diseases and trends in DALYs in Iran has not been previously reported. The object of this study is to report the burden of eye diseases in Iran and to compare changes from 1990 to 2010 based on age and gender. METHODS Data from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2010 (GBD 2010) are used to(More)
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