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We give a new separability criterion, a necessary condition for separability of N-partite quantum states. The criterion is based on the Bloch representation of a N-partite quantum state and makes use of multilinear algebra, in particular, the matrization of tensors. Our criterion applies to arbitrary N-partite quantum states in H = H d 1 ⊗ H d 2 ⊗ · · ·⊗H d(More)
BACKGROUND Vascular embolization of a projectile discharged from a weapon is a rare event. In this report a hunter's errant gunshot struck a farmer in the left chest. CASE REPORT The projectile was lodged between the apex of the heart and the diaphragm. The patient was treated non-operatively and was discharged home only to return to the emergency(More)
Optic disc drusen (ODD) are extracellular proteinaceous excrescences in the optic nerve head. They enlarge over time and can cause damage to nerve fibers with resulting loss of visual field. The authors report a case of advanced ODD in which macular optical coherence tomography demonstrated retinal nerve fiber thinning. A single case report of a 42-year-old(More)
INTRODUCTION Deep accidental hypothermia (body temperature below 28 degrees C) is rare and has a high mortality rate. Successful resuscitation usually occurs in the young, but a prompt intervention using a portable extracorporeal cardiopulmonary circulation device can also provide a good outcome for older persons. CASE PRESENTATION We report the(More)
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