Ali Rezaei Divroodi

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We prove that any concept in any description logic that extends ALC with some features amongst I (inverse), Q k (quantified number restrictions with numbers bounded by a constant k), Self (local reflexivity of a role) can be learnt if the training information system is good enough. That is, there exists a learning algorithm such that, for every concept C of(More)
We study comparisons between interpretations in description logics with respect to " logical consequences " of the form of semi-positive concepts (like semi-positive concept assertions). Such comparisons are characterized by conditions similar to the ones of bisimulations. The simplest among the considered logics is a variant of PDL (propo-sitional dynamic(More)
Aware of legal responsibility I hereby declare that I have written this dissertation myself and all its contents have been obtained by legal means. The dissertation is ready to be reviewed. Abstract In this dissertation, we study bisimulations and bisimulation-based comparisons in a uniform way for a large class of description logics that extend ALC reg (a(More)
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