Ali Reza Sardarian

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We report the first exciplex-based split-probe system for DNA detection. The detector is split at a molecular level into signal-silent components which, before a signal is generated, must be assembled correctly into a particular three-dimensional arrangement. The model system comprises of two 8-mer oligonucleotides, complementary to neighbouring sites of a(More)
A novel detection technique, called ExciProbes, has been developed to proof-of-principle level for DNA oligonucleotides. The new approach is based on the use of two short oligonucleotides complementary to a target nucleic acid sequence. Each short-probe oligonucleotide bears the separated parts of a new class of fluorescence detector, an exciplex. These(More)
Organic intramolecular exciplexes, N-(4-dimethylaminobenzyl)-N-(1-pyrenemethyl)amine (1) and N'-4-dimethylaminonaphthyl-N-(1-pyrenemethyl)amine (2), were used as model systems to reveal major factors affecting their exciplex fluorescence, and thus lay the basis for developing emissive target-assembled exciplexes for DNA-mounted systems in solution. These(More)
This research describes the effects of structural variation and medium effects for the novel split-oligonucleotide (tandem) probe systems for exciplex-based fluorescence detection of DNA. In this approach the detection system is split at a molecular level into signal-silent components, which must be assembled correctly into a specific 3-dimensional(More)
An array of novel analogues of the marine oxylipins, the manzamenones and plakoridines, have been prepared in divergent fashion using an approach modelled on a biogenetic theory. Many of the target compounds show potent inhibition of DNA polymerases alpha and beta and human terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase (TdT).
STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM Stainless steel brackets release metallic ions following the process of corrosion in the oral environment. These released ions have potential adverse effects on health, friction between wire and bracket, staining, strength of brackets. Choosing a bracket with favorable corrosive properties; therefore, should be a goal of every(More)
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