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A study was conducted to investigate the effects of dietary oligofructose (1, 2 and 3%) on the blood profiles of beluga (Huso huso) juveniles (18.77 ± 0.76 g) compared to fish fed an un-supplemented(More)
Present study examined the effects of Ergosan on growth performance, digestive enzyme activities, hematological parameters and gastrointestinal structure of rainbow trout. Rainbow trout (mean weight(More)
The present study is the first report on optimization of recovery conditions of fishes exposed to pesticides using response surface methodology-central composite rotatable design (RSM-CCRD). The(More)
This study investigates the effects of prebiotic Immunogen on lysozyme, TNFα and HSP70 gene expression in head kidney, humoral innate immune parameters and resistant to Aeromonas hydrophila of(More)