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Data from the standardization of the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence in Shiraz, Iran (193 girls, 203 boys 4 to 6.5 yr. old) were used to develop a short form. Four subtests (Vocabulary, Arithmetic, Picture Completion, and Block Design) were selected on the basis of their high correlations with Full Scale IQs. The validity coefficients(More)
Retest reliability of the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence test scores was performed in Iran using 30 subjects in a time interval of 5 to 6 wk. The results of this analysis suggest that this restandardization of the WPPSI provides a consistent measure of intelligence for application in Iran. Reliability coefficients of .83, .90, and .88(More)
The effect of diameter variation on electrical characteristics of long-channel InAs nanowire metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors is experimentally investigated. For a range of nanowire diameters, in which significant band gap changes are observed due to size quantization, the Schottky barrier heights between source/drain metal contacts and(More)
Nanostructures have attracted a great deal of attention because of their potential usefulness for high density applications. More importantly, they offer excellent avenues for improved scaling beyond conventional approaches. Less attention has been paid to their intrinsic potential for distinct circuit applications. Here we discuss how a combination of 1-D(More)
— Our experiments show that linearity can be achieved if transistors are designed to operate in the one-dimensional ballistic transport regime in the quantum capacitance limit. We report third order intercept points (IIP3) of around-13dBm at maximum transconductance under these particular transport and device operation conditions, meeting the requirements(More)
The Bender Gestalt test of visuomotor coordination was applied to a sample of Iranian children (N = 1,600) aged between 6.0 years and 10 years and 11 months attending grades 1 through 5 of 16 public primary schools in Shiraz city, southern Iran. The administration of the test and its scoring followed the standard procedures recommended by Koppitz. The(More)
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