Ali Raza Jafri

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—Collaborative beamforming has already demonstrated its potential of significant power savings in distributed sensor networks. In collaborative beamforming, the antennas of the sensor nodes form a distributed antenna array in an effort to direct the radiated energy to the desired direction and thus increase the overall power efficiency of the network.(More)
The complexity of nonlinear differential equations of dynamics makes it practically impossible to obtain the walk pattern on-line through computing the whole dynamics. This paper proposed a method of online trajectory generation based on key parameters of off-line typical walk patterns for a biped humanoid. The key parameters include hip parameters, step(More)
In this paper, a method is proposed for humanoid robots performing object transfering task in a teleoperated cooperative paradigm. The cooperative task is accomplished using simple communication among two humanoid robots and then switch between modes according to the situation. In case of object passing with two humanoid robots, mutual position shifts may(More)
In teleoperation system, the tracking ability is reduced due to the existence of time delay in communication channel, as communication delay can degrade the performance and destabilize the system. In this paper, a particular control scheme, the quasi-linear minimal order feedback controller have been proposed to control bilateral teleoperation, which is(More)
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