Ali Rahmanzadeh

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Medical knowledge is traditionally disseminated via the publication of documents and through participation in clinical practice. Information technology offers to extend both modes of dissemination, via electronic publishing and virtual reality training, for example. AI promises even more radical changes through the possibility of publishing clinical(More)
PROforma is a language for describing the actions, information and decisions required in patient care. It is the basis of a method for defining best-practice guidelines, research protocols and other procedures in a form that can be enacted by a computer to help clinical professionals comply with preferred practice. Use of the method consists of outlining(More)
The Internet is now a major channel for publishing medical research data and documents, including clinical practice guidelines. It is now possible to capture guidelines in a computer interpretable form opening up the capability of using the internet (and intra/extranets etc.) to deliver patient-specific advice and other services. A development lifecycle and(More)
Introduction: Surgical education of medical students within "skills labs" have not been standardised throughout Germany as yet; there is a substantial impact of available aspects such as personal and space at the various medical schools. Aim: The aim of this contribution is to illustrate the concept of a surgical skills lab in detail, including curricular(More)
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