Ali Rahmani

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This study was done to determine whether high or low dose ofanti-snake venom (ASV) is better incoagulopathy invictims of envenoming by vipers. This retrospective study was conducted on the 154 patients (Mean age ± SD, Range) of viper snake bites who were referred to the emergency ward of Razi Hospital, Ahvaz, Iran over 2 years period (2004-2006).According(More)
Metabolism is a set of fundamental processes that play important roles in a plethora of biological and medical contexts. It is understood that the topological information of reconstructed metabolic networks, such as modular organization, has crucial implications on biological functions. Recent interpretations of modularity in network settings provide a view(More)
A huge amount of social media data is generated daily as a result of the interactions between subscribers of the social networking platforms. Subscribers are characterized by diversity in background, geographical locations, opinions, etc. Further, the diversity and pervasiveness of the data together with its social characteristics make it an intriguing(More)
Recent developments of complex graph clustering methods have implicated the practical applications with biological networks in different settings. Multi-scale Community Finder (MCF) is a tool to profile network communities (i.e., clusters of nodes) with the control of community sizes. The controlling parameter is referred to as the scale of the network(More)
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