Ali R. Vatankhah

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BACKGROUND The local immune responses to chronic echinococcal infections in various organs are largely unknown. Since the liver is the most frequently involved organ in such infections in human we aimed to characterize the inflammatory as well as immune cell infiltrate around hydatid cysts in the liver and compared to common inflammatory processes of the(More)
Alkaline phosphatase (ALP) from hydatid cyst fluid (HCF) was purified and characterized for comparison between fertile and sterile HCF. Samples were obtained from slaughtered sheep and then sterile and fertile cysts were separated. ALP was purified from aspirated cyst fluid and biochemical parameters were determined. Sera from patients with hydatid disease(More)
The specific force equation has many applications in open channel flow problems. Quantifying of the hydraulic jump phenomenon is an important application of this equation. This equation has a direct solution only for the rectangular channels. The trial and error procedure as well as the graphical solution are the existing methods of solving hydraulic jump(More)
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