Ali R. Bani-Hashemi

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3D reconstruction of arterial vessels from planar radiographs obtained at several angles around the object has gained increasing interest. The motivating application has been interventional angiography. In order to obtain a three-dimensional reconstruction from a C-arm mounted X-Ray Image Intensifier (XRII) traditionally the trajectory of the source and the(More)
The authors present the design and simulation of an imaging system that employs a compact multiple source x-ray tube to produce a tomosynthesis image from a set of projections obtained at a single tube position. The electron sources within the tube are realized using cold cathode carbon nanotube technology. The primary intended application is(More)
Quantitative reconstruction of cone beam X-ray computed tomography (CT) datasets requires accurate modeling of scatter, beam-hardening, beam profile, and detector response. Typically, commercial imaging systems use fast empirical corrections that are designed to reduce visible artifacts due to incomplete modeling of the image formation process. In contrast,(More)