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BACKGROUND Misshapen or weak lateral crura can cause an inward collapse of the lateral crus observed on deep inspiration. The lateral crural strut graft is a popular technique for reinforcing lateral crura. Failure to stabilize the graft properly can, however, result in graft displacement postoperatively and an accompanying aesthetic deformity. OBJECTIVES(More)
Aim. The classic inguinal lymph node dissection is the main step for the regional control of the lower extremity melanoma, but this surgical procedure is associated with significant postoperative morbidity. The permanent lymphedema is the most devastating long-term complication leading to a significant decrease in the patient's quality of life. In this(More)
Early closure of cranial sutures results in various types of cranial vault deformities, named craniosynostosis. Although mostly associated with syndromic cases, bony orbit deformities such as exorbitism can be seen with various types of craniosynostosis. This condition can be associated with papilledema and besides its effect on the patient's appearance can(More)
Triphalangeal thumb (TPT) is congenital hand anomaly which a thumb consists of three phalanges. Thumb appearance can differ widely; the thumb can be longer than usual or it can be deviated in the radio-ulnar plane. Thumb strength and function can be significantly diminished. The goals of surgical treatment are to reduce the elongated thumb length, establish(More)
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