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In this paper, a Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) based perfect secure and high capacity image steganography method is presented. This method is used for steganography of the pictorial messages in a cover image (carrier data). First, the message data and the cover image data are transformed using Haar filters based DWT, and then, the message DWT(More)
One of the most fundamental features of digital image and the basic steps in image processing, analysis, pattern recognition and computer vision is the Edge of image where the preciseness and reliability of its results will affect directly the comprehension machine system made for objective world. Several edge detectors have been developed in the past(More)
Recently a new method for recognition of isolated handwritten Persian digits, based on support vector machines (SVMs), has been introduced. In this research, this method was implemented for the same task with three new modifications, i.e. only one popular shape was considered for digits written in different shapes; sizes of glyphs normalized to digit(More)
In this paper an accurate method is presented for determining of the device sizes in a RF circuit based on genetic algorithm (GA). HSPICE RF simulation is used for evaluating of the fitness of the circuit specifications per every iteration of the GA. Also an example for a LNA is presented for evaluating of non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm (NSGA-II)(More)
The sound source localization methods, in general, can be divided into DOA, TDOA (ITD or TDE) and ILD based methods. DOA based methods need many microphones for high accuracy narrowband sound source localization. Also ILD based methods need high accuracy level measurement hardware and need one source to be enough dominant. In outdoor cases, TDOA based(More)
TDE-Based methods are commonly used for wideband sound source localization using at least 4 microphones in 3D space. Using these methods, outdoor (far-field) high accuracy sound source localization in different climates needs highly sensitive and high performance microphones which are very expensive. In the last decade, some papers were published to reduce(More)
The most important issue in the cross correlation based localization methods is the measuring of time delay between the signals received by the microphones. Using these methods, high accuracy sound source localization needs highly accurate time delay measurement, and therefore, high frequency sound signal sampling rates. Moreover, the need to use numerical(More)
We consider the problem of blind audio source separation. A method to solve this problem is blind source separation (BSS) using independent component analysis (ICA). ICA exploits the non-Gaussianity of source in the mixtures. In this paper we propose a new wavelet based ICA method using Kurtosis for blind audio source separation. In this method, the(More)
Geometrical and radiometrical corrections are important for scene matching applications. We suppose the application that there are no geometrical errors. In this case, Normalized Cross-Correlation (NCC) is commonly used method for scene matching. The problem of matching a pattern image (mask) to an image in this case, need to correction of radiometrical(More)