Ali Pedram

Mahnaz Razandi6
Ellis R Levin4
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A small pool of estrogen receptors (ERalpha and -beta) localize at the plasma membrane and rapidly signal to affect cellular physiology. Although nuclear ERs function mainly as homodimers, it is unknown whether membrane-localized ER exists or functions with similar requirements. We report that the endogenous ER isoforms at the plasma membrane of breast(More)
Steroid hormones have been reported to indirectly impact mitochondrial functions, attributed to nuclear receptor-induced production of proteins that localize in this cytoplasmic organelle. Here we show high-affinity estrogen receptors in the mitochondria of MCF-7 breast cancer cells and endothelial cells, compatible with classical estrogen receptors ERalpha(More)
Tamoxifen (TAM) has both cytostatic and cytotoxic properties for breast cancer. TAM engaged mitochondrial estrogen receptor beta (ERβ) as an antagonist in MCF7-BK cells, increasing reactive oxygen species (ROS) concentrations from the mitochondria that were required for cytotoxicity. In part, this derived from TAM downregulating manganese superoxide(More)
Classical estrogen, progesterone, and androgen receptors (ERs, PRs, and ARs) localize outside the nucleus at the plasma membrane of target cells. From the membrane, the receptors signal to activate kinase cascades that are essential for the modulation of transcription and nongenomic functions in many target cells. ER, PR, and AR trafficking to the membrane(More)
The development and progression of cardiac hypertrophy often leads to heart failure and death, and important modulators of hypertrophy include the histone deacetylase proteins (HDACs). Estrogen inhibits cardiac hypertrophy and progression in animal models and humans. We therefore investigated the influence of 17-β-estradiol on the production, localization,(More)
Technology progress is a cause of industrial hazardous wastes increasing in the whole world. Management of hazardous waste is a significant issue due to the imposed risk on environment and human life. This risk can be a result of location of undesirable facilities and also routing hazardous waste. In this paper a biobjective mixed integer programing model(More)
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