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  • Ali Farajzadeha, Preeyaluk Chuadchawnab, Anchalee Kaewcharoenb, A. Farajzadeh, P. Chuadchawna
  • 2016
In this paper, the notion of strictly (α, η, ψ, ξ)-contractive multi-valued mappings is introduced where the continuity of ξ is relaxed. The existence of fixed point theorems for such mappings in the setting of α-η-complete partial metric spaces are provided. The results of the paper can be viewed as the extension of the recent results obtained in the(More)
In this paper, we introduce and consider a new class of complementarity problems, which are called the generalized mixed quasi-complementarity problems in a topological vector space. We show that the generalized mixed quasi-complementarity problems are equivalent to the generalized mixed quasi variational inequalities. Using a new type of KKM mapping(More)
Recommended by Paul Eloe We first define upper sign continuity for a set-valued mapping and then we consider two types of generalized vector equilibrium problems in topological vector spaces and provide sufficient conditions under which the solution sets are nonempty and compact. Finally, we give an application of our main results. The paper generalizes and(More)
Success of Automatic Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFISs) strongly depends on the accurate detection of a reference point on the fingerprints. In this paper we suggest a novel approach for detecting a reference point. First approximate location of singular point(s) is determined by using orientation field and edge detection algorithms. Then to find(More)
introduced and studied a new class of vector F-implicit complementarity problems and vector F-implicit variational inequality problems in Banach spaces. In this work, we study this class in topological vector spaces and drive some existence theorems for the vector F-implicit variational inequality and vector F-implicit complementarity problem. Also, their(More)
In this paper, we consider strong form of a vector equilibrium problem and establish some existence results for solutions of such problem in the setting of topological vector spaces. We provide several coercivity conditions under which strong vector equilibrium problem has a solution. Our results generalize and extend the results of Bianchi and Pini(More)
In this paper, we introduce and analyze some new classes of generalized vector-F implicit complementarity problems and the general mixed vector-F variational inequalities. Under suitable conditions , we prove the equivalences between these new problems. We establish several existence theorems for these classes of vector-F comple-mentarity and general mixed(More)