Ali O. Shaban

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This thesis entails the design of a multiple-input single-output (MISO) dc-dc converter. The converter will be used to interface multiple power sources such as those obtained from renewable energy sources to a dc house. Results from the theoretical calculation and experimental data are presented in the report which demonstrate the functionality and(More)
The Cal Poly DC House Project is a large scale multi-student project that involves the detailed design and eventual construction of a DC powered house that will be usable in many rural parts of the world. The large scope of such a project makes it necessary to perform studies before it is designed and constructed so that any errors or problems can be(More)
The Cal Poly Sustainable Power for Electrical Resources (SuPER) project is a solar power DC distribution system designed to autonomously manage and supply the energy needs of a single family off-the-grid home. The following thesis describes the improvement and redesign of a MATLAB Simulink model for the Cal Poly SuPER system. This model includes a(More)
The objective of this study is to observe the correlations between variable operating conditions and power quality parameters for a three-phase to single-phase cycloconverter. The cycloconverter is examined in its most straightforward form without additional output filters or elaborate control methods. Variable operating conditions include input frequency,(More)
Intelligent-based protective relays in the power system is currently growing very rapidly with the use of embedded systems and artificial intelligence algorithms. Overcurrent relays operated based on the standard characteristic curve will move toward digital overcurrent relay (DOCR) using a flexible characteristic curve based on the user settings. DOCR with(More)
Modern power systems require multiple conversions between DC and AC to deliver power from renewable energy sources. Recent growth in DC loads result in increased system costs and reduced efficiency, due to redundant conversions. Advances in DC microgrid systems demonstrate superior performance by reducing conversion stages. The literature reveals practical(More)
  • Luis Obispo, Abesh S. Mubaraki, Abesh Sorab Mubaraki, Ali O. Shaban
  • 2013
The growing popularity of photovoltaic (PV) generation systems leads to an increase in the number of residential and commercial grid-tied PV systems that interconnect to the distribution circuit. This affects the characteristics of the distribution circuit; for example, the assumption that the voltage profile of a radial line decreases downstream becomes(More)
Increased government funding and incentives in recent years has led to an increase in the number of grid-tied renewable energy sources as their economic benefits become more renowned. Unfortunately, the outputs of these renewable resources are often highly variable, resulting in undesirable voltage disruptions that are harmful to sensitive loads. In(More)