Ali Nourollah

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A chain or n-link is a sequence of n links whose lengths are fixed and are joined together from their endpoints, free to turn about their endpoints, which act as joints. “Ruler Folding Problem”, which is NP-Complete is to find the minimum length of the folded chain. The best linear approximation algorithm for it were proposed by Hopcroft et al. Their(More)
Abstract Generating random polygons problem is important for verification of geometric algorithms. Moreover, this problem has applications in computing and verification of time complexity for computational geometry algorithms such as Art Gallery. Since it is often not possible to get real data, a set of random data is a good alternative. In this paper, a(More)
The minimum Steiner tree problem, a classical combinatorial optimization problem with a long history, is a NP-complete problem. Due to its wide application, study of heuristic algorithm about Steiner tree problem has important practical and theoretical significance. In this paper, we introduce a new heuristic algorithm based on Sollin's algorithm for(More)
and computational geometry is the generation of random polygons. practical evaluation of algorithms that operate on polygons, where it is necessary to check determine the actual CPU experimentally. To this time, no polynomial known for the random generation of polygons with a uniform distribution presented for generating random polygons using a set of(More)
Similar to many technological developments, wireless sensor networks have emerged from military needs and found its way into civil applications. Today wireless sensor networks has become a key technology for different kinds of smart environments and an intense research effort is currently underway to enable the application of wireless sensor networks for a(More)
An open chain or n-link is a sequence of n links with fixed lengths that are joined together at their endpoints and can turn about their endpoints, which act as joints. Positions of the joints of a chain define a configuration of the chain in the space. In one-dimensional space, we define a binary configuration as a sequence of direction of links. Open(More)
The generation of random simple polygon and the pseudo-triangulation of a polygon are regarded as the proposed problems in computational geometry. The production of a random polygon is used in the context of the consideration of the accuracy of algorithms. In this paper, a new algorithm is presented to generate a simple spiral polygon on a set of random(More)