Ali Nouri-Borujerdi

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In this study an expression for soot absorption coefficient is introduced to extend the weighted-sum-of-gray gases data to the furnace medium containing gas-soot mixture in a utility boiler 150 MWe. Heat transfer and temperature distribution of walls and within the furnace space are predicted by zone method technique. Analyses have been done considering(More)
This paper presented a numerical study that predicts critical mass flow rate, pressure, vapor quality, and void fraction along a very long tube with small diameter or capillary tub under critical condition by the drift flux model. Capillary tubes are simple expansion devices and are necessary to design and optimization of refrigeration systems. Using(More)
This paper simulates transient compressible adiabatic gas flows in a long pipeline following a catastrophic failure using an implicit high order finite difference scheme as a discretisation technique for convective terms. A rupture is assumed to be occurred accidentally at a distance from the feeding point of a pipeline where the pipeline being divided into(More)
The aim of this work is to analyze the gas flow in high pressure buried pipelines subjected to wall friction and heat transfer. The governing equations for one-dimensional compressible pipe flow are derived and solved numerically. The effects of friction, heat transfer from the wall and inlet temperature on various parameters such as pressure, temperature,(More)
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