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This paper deals with the problem of oo-line handwritten text recognition. It presents a system of text recognition that exploits an original principle of adaptation to the handwriting to be recognized. The adaptation principle is based on the automatic learning, during the recognition, of the graphical characteristics of the handwriting. This on-line(More)
Handwritten text recognition is a problem rarely studied out of specific applications for which lexical knowledge can constrain the vocabulary to a limited one. In the case of handwritten text recognition, additional information can be exploited to characterize the specificity of the writing. This knowledge can help the recognition system to find coherent(More)
This paper investigates the automatic reading of unconstrained omni-writer handwritten texts. It shows how to endow the reading system with learning faculties necessary to adapt the recognition to each writer's handwriting. In the ÿrst part of this paper, we explain how the recognition system can be adapted to a current handwriting by exploiting the(More)
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