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ions Buzz words g nouns = types and objects g verbs = functions and procedures  2003 Daniel M. Berry University of Waterloo Importance of Ignorance Pg. 7 The Power of Abstractions These abstractions provide the tools Dan needed to produce a very good requirements document, the best he had ever written!  2003 Daniel M. Berry University of Waterloo(More)
The increasing need for flexible software development methodologies has led to a new approach called method engineering. Method engineering aims at constructing new methodologies, more flexible and better adaptable to the situation of every software development project. Computer-Aided Method Engineering (CAME) strives to support a wide range of activities(More)
The -level Uncapacitated Facility Location (UFL) problem is a generalization of the UFL and the -median problems. A significant shortcoming of the classical UFL problem is that often a few very distant customers, known as outliers, can leave an undesirable effect on the final solution. This deficiency is considered in a new variant called UFL with outliers,(More)
Background] One factor that seems to influence an individual’s effectiveness in requirements engineering activities is her knowledge of the problem being solved, i.e., domain knowledge. While in-depth domain knowledge enables a requirements analyst to understand the problem easier, she can fall for tacit assumptions and might overlook obvious issues.(More)
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