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Bacillus thuringiensis is a gram positive and spore forming bacterium. The most of the natural habitat this bacterium is soil and it is capable of producing the diversified varieties of crystalline proteins with insecticide property. The aim of this study has been isolation of strains of Bacillus thuringiensis carrying cry gene from soils of the west(More)
Polymer vesicles, commonly referred to as polymersomes, are self-organized materials that result from the self-assembly of amphiphilic copolymers in solution. Recently, there has been increasing interest in biomedical applications of polymersomes due to the different functions that can be imparted through encapsulation of molecules within the core or(More)
Dendrimers with fully photodegradable backbones were synthesized through the incorporation of photodegradable o-nitrobenzyl esters into a new dendrimer monomer based on 2,2-bis(hydroxymethyl)propionic acid (bis-MPA). Dendrons were synthesized using a divergent approach, and were subsequently coupled to a core molecule in the final step. Photodegradation was(More)
  • Ali Nazemi, Hedyeh Fazel Tolami, +4 authors Seyed Reza Seyedinasab
  • 2013
The Coagulation factor Vis a cofactor protein of the coagulation system.Deficiency of this protein leads to predisposition for hemorrhage, while some mutations predispose for thrombosis.Whole blood samples were collected from 46 individuals to thrombosis problems from the Rasht Ashtiani laboratory with medical ethics. After DNA extraction, screening(More)
Versatile waterand organic solvent-soluble AuNPs that incorporate an interfacial strained alkyne capable of efficient pour and mix strain promoted interfacial cycloadditions with azide partners have been synthesized and carefully characterized for the first time. The use of XPS to quantitate the loading of the strained alkyne on the AuNPs is noteworthy. The(More)
Amphiphilic Janus dendrimers containing first through third generation (G1-G3) photodegradable hydrophobic blocks were synthesized and their self-assembly in water was studied. While the G1 and G2 systems formed solid aggregates, the G3 system self-assembled to form dendrimersomes. These dendrimersomes were demonstrated to degrade upon irradiation with UV(More)
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