Ali Nazemi

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Multi-mode fibers (MMF) are typically used in LAN applications, in links which may reach or exceed 300 meters. Widespread use of electronic dispersion compensation (EDC) for MMF is prompted by the ratification of the 10GBASE-LRM standard [1]. A number of studies have demonstrated the superiority of MLSD for this application (see [2] and references therein).(More)
A 10.3GS/s ADC with 5GHz input BW and 6 bit resolution in 90nm CMOS is presented. The architecture is based on an 8 way interleaved/ pipelined ADC using open-loop amplifiers and digital calibration. The measured performance is 5.8 ENOB (36.6dB SNDR) for a 100MHz input signal and 5.1 ENOB (32.4dB SNDR) for a 5GHz input (Nyquist) with phase offset correction(More)
With the formation of the competitive electricity markets in the world, optimization of bidding strategies has become one of the main discussions in studies related to market designing. Market design is challenged by multiple objectives that need to be satisfied. The solution of those multi-objective problems is searched often over the combined strategy(More)
The enzyme L-asparaginase has been extensively studied by many researchers mainly because of its considerable therapeutic properties. Producing a convenient quantity of L-asparaginase can be conducted either by discovering new microbial sources with higher enzyme production or by manipulating the medium components for known microbial sources. The present(More)
The main goal of this paper is to modeling of producers' strategic suggestions for each electricity manufacturer in an oligopolistic structure. According to the proposed structure of the electricity market modeling; this paper uses a dynamic model based on cournot equilibrium. Due to the large volume of required information, the implementation of the model(More)