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A 10.3GS/s ADC with 5GHz input BW and 6 bit resolution in 90nm CMOS is presented. The architecture is based on an 8 way interleaved/ pipelined ADC using open-loop amplifiers and digital calibration. The measured performance is 5.8 ENOB (36.6dB SNDR) for a 100MHz input signal and 5.1 ENOB (32.4dB SNDR) for a 5GHz input (Nyquist) with phase offset correction(More)
Multi-mode fibers (MMF) are typically used in LAN applications, in links which may reach or exceed 300 meters. Widespread use of electronic dispersion compensation (EDC) for MMF is prompted by the ratification of the 10GBASE-LRM standard [1]. A number of studies have demonstrated the superiority of MLSD for this application (see [2] and references therein).(More)
Urinary tract infection (UTI) with E. coli (UPEC) is one of the most common bacterial infections among human beings. In addition to the host predisposing factors, genes are also proposed to have an important role in the occurrence of UTIs. This study investigated the distribution of three pathogenic genes including aggR, aap and aatA among UPEC infected(More)
PURPOSE Prostate cancer differs markedly in incidence across ethnic groups. Since this disease is influenced by complex genetics, it is many genetic factors may affect the level of susceptibility to development of the disease. In this study, four Y-linked short tandem repeats (STRs), DYS388, DYS435, DYS437, and DYS439, were genotyped to compare Malaysian(More)
Dendrimers with fully photodegradable backbones were synthesized through the incorporation of photodegradable o-nitrobenzyl esters into a new dendrimer monomer based on 2,2-bis(hydroxymethyl)propionic acid (bis-MPA). Dendrons were synthesized using a divergent approach, and were subsequently coupled to a core molecule in the final step. Photodegradation was(More)
Polymer vesicles, commonly referred to as polymersomes, are self-organized materials that result from the self-assembly of amphiphilic copolymers in solution. Recently, there has been increasing interest in biomedical applications of polymersomes due to the different functions that can be imparted through encapsulation of molecules within the core or(More)
The formation of high aspect ratio supramolecular polymeric nanofibers from square-planar platinum(II) complexes through Pt···Pt and π-π stacking interactions has been achieved with a small width (<15 nm), tunable length, and relatively narrow length distributions up to ca. 400 nm under conditions of kinetic control using small seed fibers as initiators.