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PDGF is a growth factor and is extensively involved in multi-dimensional cellular dynamics. It switches on a plethora of molecules other than its classical pathway. It is engaged in various transitions of development; however, if the unleashed potentials lead astray, it brings forth tumourigenesis. Conventionally, it has been assumed that the components of(More)
Mouth is an important source of infections and oral infections such as Candida infections increase the risk of mortality. Our purpose was to investigate differences in proteolytic activity of non-albicans Candida albicans (non-albicans Candida) between clinical isolates and laboratory samples. The second aim was to assess the concentration of pro- and(More)
The touchstone to evaluate accurately the aggressiveness and invasiveness of prostate cancer is something of a holy grail in the facet of urologic oncology. Gene expression and sequencing studies have improved our interpretations of the genetic determinants of the disease but are unsuccessful in the establishment of any unified classification to improve the(More)
It is a well-acclaimed fact that proteins expressed as a consequence of oncogenic fusions, mutations or amplifications can facilitate ectopic protein–protein interactions that re-wire signal dissemination pathways, in a manner that escalates malignancy. BCR-ABL-mediated signal transduction cascades in leukemic cells are assembled and modulated by a finely(More)
Lingonberries have a long traditional use in treating fungal infections on mucosal membranes, but very little is known about the exact antifungal mechanisms. We tested the effects of fermented lingonberry juice on Candida glabrata intracellular protein expression. A Candida glabrata clinical strain was grown in the presence of fermented lingonberry juice(More)
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