Ali Naserasadi

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Global Positioning System is globally used for the tracking and navigation purpose. GPS is mainly used in the military, farming, civil, transportation and commercial users around the world. Here in this review paper, we describe how GPS Tracking System works and where it is useful in real world environment. We compare different algorithms like Localization(More)
Traveler Salesman Problem (TSP) is one the most famous and important problems in the field of operation research and optimization. This problem is a NP-Hard problem and it is aimed to find a minimum Hamiltonian cycle in a connected and weighed graph. In the last decades, many innovative algorithms have been presented to solve this problem but most of them(More)
Ever increasing grows of mobile links and need to new technologies in many industries and other job like tourism. Taxi services, could compensate this blank with location based service (LBS) and introduce as public example of GIS in the world. Therefore, in the present article, we consider the concepts, application, component and other information of it by(More)
In the last decade, identification by biometric features such as iris and fingerprint has been considered very much. Last introduced methods, in fact, could achieve high accuracy, but one of the most common problems in these methods is the lack of scalability. So these methods are suitable for use in small databases of iris. One solution for this problem is(More)
Nowadays, because of the relationship among various nations and growing human needs to travel around the world and daily difficulties most people face the time shortage and need to have speedy means of transportation such as planes. Therefore, the airline companies are searching for more profits and they really don’t know the renting time from giant airline(More)
In the new world, with advances in modern industries and businesses and increase in the growing need for data with reference to the knowledge of data processing in order to participate in a big competitive market, led all to the new techniques for mass processing of raw data on their role in data mining due to the direct use of the machine And thereby(More)
The use of biometric systems has been increasingly encouraged by both government and private entities in order to replace or improve traditional security systems. The iris is commonly recognized as one of the most reliable biometric measures: it has a random morphogenesis and no genetic penetrance. In today's world, where terrorist attacks are on the(More)
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