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Motivated by the need for three-dimensional methods for interface calculations that can deal with topology changes, we describe a numerical scheme, built from a volume-of-fluid interface tracking technique that uses a piecewise-linear interface calculation in each cell. Momentum balance is computed using explicit finite volume/finite differences on a(More)
The dynamic cerebral blood flow response to sudden hypotension during posture change is poorly understood. To better understand the cardiovascular response to hypotension, we used a windkessel model with two resistors and a capacitor to reproduce beat-to-beat changes in middle cerebral artery blood flow velocity (transcranial Doppler measurements) in(More)
The transcription factor p53 is an important regulator of cell fate. Mutations in p53 gene are associated with many cancers. In response to signals such as DNA damage , p53 controls the transcription of a series of genes that cause cell cycle arrest during which DNA damage is repaired, or triggers programmed cell death that eliminates possibly cancerous(More)
Windkessel and similar lumped models are often used to represent blood flow and pressure in systemic arteries. The windkessel model was originally developed by Stephen Hales (1733) and Otto Frank (1899) who used it to describe blood flow in the heart. In this paper we start with the onedimensional axisymmetric Navier-Stokes equations for time-dependent(More)
Several recent experiments on DNA-damage-induced signaling networks in mammalian cells have shown interesting dynamics in p53 protein expression during the repair cycle. Pulses of p53 are produced, whose frequency and amplitude are fairly independent of the amount of damage, but the probability of a cell exhibiting this pulsatile behavior increases with(More)
We study the time evolution of a thin liquid film coating the outer surface of a sphere in the presence of gravity, surface tension and thermal gradients. We derive the fourth-order nonlinear partial differential equation that models the thin film dynamics, including Marangoni terms arising from the dependence of surface tension on temperature. We consider(More)
Parametric stability and dynamic buckling of an encapsulated microbubble subject to acoustic disturbances Viscous effects on the interaction force between two small gas bubbles in a weak acoustic field A model of a nonspherical gas bubble is developed in which the Rayleigh-Plesset equation is augmented with second order terms that back-couple the volume(More)
We, the undersigned, certify that we have read this dissertation of Bing Zhu and approve it as adequate in scope and quality for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Abstract of the Dissertation Fluidization processes have many important applications in industry, in particular , in chemical, fossil, and petrochemical industries where good gas-solid mixing is(More)